Best Restaurants in Atlanta (Part 2) + 30 day french fry and wine challenge.

It’s time for the next 5 restaurants.  Yea!

1. Ok Cafe.

Duh.  Ok Cafe is so great.  You can go in there and get a warm, Southern, home-cooked meal at any time.  There’s also a sweet money tree.  As I previously posted, I’m a sucker for a veggie plate, and the one at OK is the best in town.  Personal highlights include: corn that’s cut off the cob by hand, field peas, fried green tomatoes, green beans and corn muffins.  The peanut gallery also suggested that the fried mac and cheese and fried cheese grit apps are must have items.

The three of us in the marketing office hit up the OK Cafe salad bar at least 3x a week.  We eat a lot of hand-carved turkey, veggie soup and Brunswick Stew. #okcafe4ever

2. Woodfire Grill

I’ve had a huge crush on Kevin Gillespie ever since I saw him on Top Chef incorporating chocolate dipped bacon into his dessert. #fatkid

He was actually manning the grill the first night I went to Woodfire Grill, which may be why it was so enjoyable.  I kept looking over there so often he finally offered to sign my menu (I keep it in a glass case in my living room… not kidding).  Their menu changes nightly and features local organic ingredients and lots of bacon.  #love

3. Salt Factory Pub


Jimmy and I love Salt Factory.  It’s up on the square in Roswell.  Remember when we went there last year and I discovered the perfect glass of wine?  The first thing I ever ate there was the cheese plate.  It was hands down the best cheese plate I’ve ever eaten.  The cheese comes with caramelized onions and whole grain mustard that will knock your socks off!  The French onion soup is amazing as well.

While you wait you can walk around to all the little art galleries.  It’s a great way to spend a Friday night.

4. Flip


For my money, Flip has the best burger in town.  I love the chorizo and fried egg burger the best.  They also have great fries and sweet potato tots.

I know a lot of people feel like there are better burgers around ATL… and I’m open to the arguments.  Hamburgers are so amazing…  5 Guys is incredible   You just can’t beat those fries, and the put A1 on the burgers.  I have a slight (large) obsession with A1.   The Holeman & Finch 10 PM burger might be the best burger in Atlanta, but I just can’t wait until 10 PM to have dinner (yes, I do know that have them at Brunch…)   Farm Burger? Great.  All I’m saying that if it’s 12 PM and someone asks me to go get a burger, I’m going to suggest Flip.  There you have it.

Notes from the peanut gallery: Yeah! Burger, Canyon Burger, US Cafe and The Vortex have great burgers as well.

5. Cakes & Ale

I’ve only been to Cakes & Ale twice, but both times the food was exceptional.

It’s the perfect date spot.  They recently moved to the Decatur square and split the restaurant into the dining area and the bakery.  It’s fun to go have a glass of wine in the bakery while you wait for a table.  The servers are out of this world, and I recommend listening to their suggestions.

That’s it!  My top 10 favorite restaurants in the ATL.  To read the first half of my list please click here.

I’m happy to expound upon this topic, so please feel free to send me any and all suggestions.

On to the 30 day challenge.


I think I’m addicted to French Fries and wine.  No joke.  Ever since I’ve been off the gluten and dairy, it’s like my body is just craving french fries and wine.  My last two vices.  On Monday I decided I wasn’t going to eat french fries or drink wine for 30 days.  Well, on Tuesday I ate french fries twice and on Wednesday I had 2+ glasses of red wine.

Whoops.  Today I suggested to Lindley (my bff) that we make a challenge where I could not eat french fries or drink wine for 30 days.  We shook on it and that was it, but then she came up with the brilliant idea that there had to be a consequence if I broke the rules.   Lindley decided that if I had french fries or wine I would have to run a mile.  Well, that’ll do it folks.  I hate running more than anything.  It makes my lungs feel like they are going to explode and I just keep moving my feet thinking, “I hate this.  I might die.  I hate this.  I might die” until I finally stop.  Lindley feels the same way about running and decided she would join the 30 day challenge as well.  Since she has a slight tortilla chip addiction, we decided we would revise the challenge to no fried food and no wine for 30 days.  Turns out a lot of people in my life share the same vices and have decided to join the challenge!  If you would like to join in, just leave a comment here and let me know.  We can all suffer together.

On the plus side, the challenge says nothing about vodka or beer. ;)


Since I’ve already decided to take on one 30 day challenge, I’m also pledging to post on this blog every single day that I’m on the office for the next 30 days.  Why?  Because I like it, I miss it and want to get back into the routine.

Headed home to dump out half a bottle of wine and dream about fries.  See you tomorrow.


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2 Responses to “Best Restaurants in Atlanta (Part 2) + 30 day french fry and wine challenge.”

  1. Sheila November 30, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    I can not believe you left out Van Gogh’s in Roswell. We LOVED that place when we lived there. It helped being only a mile for our house, but seriously fabulous!

  2. TSL November 30, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    I am ashamed to admit it but there are a few I haven’t been to! NEVER had a bad meal at OK Cafe, and always make sure to take visitors there because they always exclaim about the LARGE portions!

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