What do you add to a registry? + New listing on Wood Valley

Registering is harder than I thought!  Before we actually had to do it, I had the idea of Jimmy and I going into a store with a gun and just zapping everything we wanted… a la 27 Dresses.

There is actually a lot of stuff to figure out… do you want China?  If so, what kind and how much and on and on and on.  There’s also kitchen stuff and bedding and towels.  As a 29 year old woman who has owned her own home for 6 years, I’ve accumulated a lot of things.  I have dishes and towels and sheets, but at this point Jimmy and I have the option of either upgrading or not.  Or we could ask for money, or we could say no gifts.  What’s appropriate, and what isn’t? It’s enough to make your head spin… but don’t get me wrong, part of registering is awesome!  There are a few things I’ve wanted for years, but the time’s never been right, or they’ve been too expensive… so now’s the time to put it out there and just see what happens!  Jimmy has been kind enough to put me in charge of the registry as long as I register for a tent and a ski helment for him… so here we go.  A list of the most coveted items on the registry.

1.  A Vitamix

I love this machine!!  My friend Ginny has one, and I just can’t believe how awesome it is!!  It blends so fast that is can COOK SOUP!   I make soup at least once a week, and I make smoothies for Jimmy most mornings.  I don’t know how we’ve survived this long without it… except that it’s VERY EXPENSIVE.  More than a smoothie/soup maker should be, but what can I say, Ginny said it changed her life. :)

2. A really nice dog bed for Charlotte

Maybe I’m a bad mom, but I don’t have a dog bed for Charlotte.  It’s always seemed like a bit of an excess…. I mean, she’s like 4 lbs and came out of the back of a pick up truck.  I’m sure her $3.99 pillow from Wal-Mart suits her just fine… but hey, she deserves a present too!  Her parents are getting married after all.

3. THE ULTIMATE WEDDING PRESENT!!!  The Le Creuset dutch oven.


Honestly… it’s every little girl’s dream. And it’s orange!  I can cook so many things in here! Roasts and stews and Charlotte… Jk. I’d never cook Charlotte…. BUT THIS IS AWESOME!  I can’t wait, and I’ve even convinced Jimmy it’s completely necessary. (!!)

4. New Bedding!!




Nothing says newlyweds like brand new bedding.  I’m also a believer that it’s fine to skimp on things like flip flops or hand soap or socks, but not bedding.  Bedding is so important.  You spend half your life in those sheets!  I love the hotel brand sheets from Restoration Hardware, the comforter from Anthropologie and of course the Jonathan Adler pillow!  Jimmy and I look forward to many cozy nights and lazy mornings with coffee under the covers.

5. A pouf.

Everyone needs a pouf.  Jimmy needs a place to put up his feet?  Grab the pouf.  Need to do a puzzle or pull op a seat?  Grab a pouf.  It’s perfect, it’s orange, and Jimmy’s going to love it.  I hope :)

We had the most wonderful time at our engagement party last weekend!  Thank you so much to our hosts and families and friends.  The party got us so excited for the wedding!  Thank you!

And finally I want to show you a few photos from Glennis Beacham’s new listing at 3230 Wood Valley Road.   I’m obsessed with the kitchen in this house!  It’s beautiful!

3230 Wood Valley32

3230 Wood Valley29

3230 Wood Valley14

3230 Wood Valley07

3230 Wood Valley05

3230 Wood Valley02

3230 Wood Valley11

3230 Wood Valley20

Have a great rest of the week everybody!

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4 Responses to “What do you add to a registry? + New listing on Wood Valley”

  1. Risa Kaplan November 8, 2012 at 10:54 am #

    Blayne, had a great day with your mom last week. David and Rebbecca said they thought they would register for just a few things when they went to William and Sonoma. But they at had that gadget in their hands and they kept hitting the button so they have this great picture of their living rooms with all the William and Sonoma gift boxes piling up because they waited to open them all until after the wedding.

    So happy the engagement party went well. Best, Risa

    • blayne November 8, 2012 at 11:07 am #

      Ha Ha! Thanks Risa! We registered at Williams Sanoma as well. Mom and I walked in the store and I wanted everything! It’s like an adult toy store in there!

  2. Joey Butler November 8, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

    You and your Jimmy are just a beautiful couple! What a fun and special time for both of you! Thanks for posting your lovely photo. I didn’t win the add campaign contest but am still a huge fan of you and your blog! :)

    All the best,
    Joey Lynn Butler

  3. Jennifer (take the day off) November 11, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    I LOVE our Le Creuset dutch oven. Be sure to get the largest size because it fills up fast. John knows we are having something good for dinner when he comes hove and sees it sitting on the stove.

    And about the VitaMix–I am dying for one. I’m just having a hard time justifying the expense. Now if someone were to give one to me as a gift, that would be just wonderful. I hope santa is listening…

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