Christmas Trees, Slap Sauce and Apple TV

30 Days of Giveaways continues… but first a little story.

Last night I got home and found this on the front steps.

Wedding present packages are definitely one of the perks of being engaged.  I love coming home to find boxes on the doorstep, except that last night they weren’t for me. :(

The bigger bottom box was addressed to me and said Anthropologie on the side.  Happy Day!  The smaller box was addressed specifically to Jimmy.  Drats.

Of course I took the larger box right inside and ripped into it.  It actually turned out to be a wedding present I bought for my friends Kim and Adam that they accidentally shipped to me.  Oh well… that still left the small box.

I hemed and hawed and shook the box and checked the return address to see if there was any way I could justify opening it.

To drown out the fact that it was LITERALLY calling to me and asking me to open it, I decided to get started on dinner.  I had to call my cousin Kristin 3 times, but I finally basted and seasoned this bird.

Side note: as I was chopping and seasoning, I had Giuliana & Bill “on in the background.”  It was the episode when their baby is born.  I dont know if it was the onions I was cutting or that baby, but I for sure cried a little bit.

Right about that time Jimmy got home.

I heard the door open and ran over and grabbed the smaller box.  I was just slicing through the last of the tape when he walked around the corner and I said, “Oh, you got some mail!”

Inside was a very pretty bag and a card that said, “Happy 30th Birthday Jimmy!”  I sheepishly handed it over.

Guess what was inside????? APPLE TV!!!

Happy Birthday Jimmy?  More like HAPPY BIRTHDAY BLAYNE!!!!!

I’ve wanted Apple TV for YEARS.  OMG.  Best thing in the world.  The next 30 minutes consisted to the timer on Jimmy’s phone going off every 10 minutes and me yelling, “baste the bird, I’m setting up the Apple TV!”

It works, it’s awesome, and I know what I’ll be doing for the next year or so.

We used the Apple TV to watch Miracle on 34th Street as we decorated the tree… and we used the creepy mechanical Santa to keep us company because Charlotte was spending the night at her Grandma’s.

We hung the last ornament just as the timer went off for dinner.

I felt very wifely when I asked Jimmy to carve the chicken.

We sat down to dinner with the highest of hopes, but it turns out the bird was really missing SLAP sauce.

What?  What’s Slap Sauce?

Slap BBQ is a sauce my friend Michael McCord created and is selling around Georgia.  It’s so delicious.  I was really wishing I had some last night.  I’m so excited for Michael and his company, and I’ve really enjoyed all the rave reviews of the sauce on the Facebook page.

It’s also fun to join the facebook Group and read about how people are using the sauce.

I feel so lucky to have such a talented group of friend who all do fun and interesting things… and they are all so generous!!!

Michael offered to give away 4 Bottles of Slap sauce to my readers!  How exciting is that?

To enter please go to this post on Facebook and either Like or Share it.

You can find Slap Sauce at Lucy’s Market in Buckhead, Savi Urban Market – Brookhaven or Fern’s Market at Serenbe. Also at the website

Contest ends 12/11/12 at 12 PM EST.

Come back tomorrow for a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to Home Depot!

Click here to enter to win a Block and Brayer pouch.


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