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Blogger burnout (should I stay or should I go?)

At this point my lack of posting is just embarrassing.  I’m so sorry.  I went up to Connecticut this weekend to visit Jimmy’s family.  His sister Kate reminded me that I never blog anymore.  Whoops.  Is it that obvious?  I think that most bloggers reach a plateau after a certain amount of time.  They’ve covered the topics […]

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Thinking of starting a blog? Why you should.

Having a blog is awesome. why? 1. You meet really cool people…  it’s kind of like internet dating… for friends.  That’s how I met Holly from Things That Inspire.  (far left) 2. People care about you and what you’re doing, which is always nice and makes you feel special.  —> who else would sit still […]

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Win a Free Night and Brunch at the Four Seasons Atlanta!

Win a free night and brunch at the Four Seasons Atlanta! … but first you have to read about this house. I am honestly obsessed with this house.  I saw it on caravan last year, and it quickly moved onto my favorite houses in Atlanta list.  Don’t you all have one of those? Glennis Beacham listed 541 […]