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Keith Summerour, the perfect glass of wine, my NYE dress…

For those of you who have been reading this blog a while, you know I am slightly obsessed with Keith Summerour. If you are looking for a laugh you can read this post I write about him 2 years ago titles “Keith Summerour: What makes it a Summerour?”  I think it was maybe my 3rd […]


Happy Happy Oh My Friends!!

So many of my friends have amazing things going on in their lives, and I am so proud of them!  I wanted to take a second here around the holidays and tell them all how proud/excited I am for them.  Ready? First up, my friend Laura (far right) who works with me here at Beacham. […]


My Grandmother’s Beef Stew + Missy’s Brussel Sprouts = A hit!

Well… it’s time for my first ever recipe.  I’m no Katie Oblinger, but I think the pictures are ok, and the food is amazing… so you might want to take a gander. I have been feeling a little sad lately.  My grandmother (mom’s mom) is in a nursing home very near our lake house.  She has […]