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House Reveal!

Hi everyone!  Jimmy and I are going to Phish in Atlantic City this afternoon… I wish we could get this POSTER.  It would look so good in my house.  Speaking of, I never showed you guys these pictures of my house.  They were taken right before Jimmy’s parents came to visit.  I think it looks […]

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Jimmy and I are ENGAGED!!!

JIMMY AND I ARE ENGAGED!!!!! !!!!!!!!! I could not possibly be more excited.  I am so in love with him and cannot believe I am lucky enough to spend every single day with him for the rest of my life.  I know you guys don’t know Jimmy as well as you know me, so I […]

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Serenbe is Cool, So is Valentine’s Day

I can hear it now…  “oh, your Valentine’s Day was just so great because it was your first one.  Wait until you get older, Valentine’s Day is the worst.” Well… whatever. It was my first Valentine’s Day with Jimmy, and it was perfect.  Couldn’t have been better…  so sorry to all you guys who hate […]