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How to Decorate for Halloween

When I was 8 months pregnant (I forgot how swollen I was- yikes), Jimmy and I bought a new house in Garden Hills.  It is our dream home.  Every single day we walk in and think how lucky we are to live here.  Everything about it is perfect for us.  There is a “grown up” […]

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My $9,224.40 water bill.

Forget being funny, this is serious now.  Remember my post a few months ago about my $758.93 water bill?  Child’s Play.  Last night I got a bill for $9,224.40! Here is a copy of the letter I wrote to my lawyer on April 23rd. I started getting high water bills last July when my water […]

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Farms are cool. So is Widespread Panic.

I’ve always fancied myself a little farm-ie… Here I am in college with my rabbit, Napoleon.  I bought this little guy without telling my mom…  not smart.  Then he grew to be like 8 lbs and would chew up all the wires/hardwoods in my apartment.  I really loved him and was able to tolerate it, […]